Chrome Cologne By Azzaro for Men 100ML(EDT)

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About the Product

Emanating the spirit of the Mediterranean, Azzaro's Chrome Cologne for men is a captivating fragrance that celebrates authenticity and joie de vivre. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cologne unfolds a symphony of scents, blending invigorating citrus top notes with a harmonious heart and a warm, woody base.

Fragrance Family:

🍋 Citrus

🌊 Aquatic

🌲 Woody

🌿 Fresh

Scent Type:

🍊 Citrusy

🌿 Aromatic


Top Notes: 🍋 Lemon, 🌿 Rosemary, 🍈 Bergamot, 🍍 Pineapple, 🍊 Neroli

Heart Notes: 🌸 Jasmine, 🌿 Oakmoss, 🌸 Cyclamen, 🌿 Coriander

Base Notes: 🌰 Musk, 🌿 Oakmoss, 🌲 Cedar, 🪵 Sandalwood, 🍲 Cardamom, 🌳 Brazilian Rosewood, 🌰 Tonka Bean

Azzaro Chrome opens with a vibrant burst of citrus and herbal notes, creating an uplifting and refreshing sensation. The heart reveals a touch of green and floral accord, while the base introduces a warm and woody foundation with a subtle hint of sweetness, resulting in a crisp, clean, and masculine scent with a zesty and aromatic character.


Suggested Use:

To prolong the fragrance, apply to pulse points like behind the ears, at the base of the neck, and on the wrists. For enhanced projection, consider warmer areas like behind the knees and inside the elbow. A versatile cologne perfect for any occasion, Chrome by Azzaro is your go-to choice for a great-smelling experience that garners compliments.