DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo or Conditioner 925mL

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Clinically proven to promote thicker hair – Revita® Shampoo & Conditioner is one of the most effective hair-stimulating products available on the market.  Revita® is the direct result of DS Laboratories® work and cutting-edge research into hair health and enhancement. Revita® is a powerful combination of key premium ingredients specifically designed to maintain scalp vitality and optimize follicle health in order to achieve the best results in a short period of time. Use at the first signs of thinning/falling or to compliment therapies used to fight more advanced hair issues.

Revita® Shampoo & Conditioner are a complete solution for thinning/falling hair, featuring a high potency formulation that promotes hair stimulation and drenches the scalp with anti-aging properties while adding volume to hair. Equal parts skin and hair care, Revita® revolutionizes the functionality of a premium shampoo with many scientifically advanced benefits.

Ideal for anyone who struggles with…

  • Thinning hair
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Damaged, over-processed hair
  • Hair loss


  • High Potency Hair Stimulation
  • Maximizes hair & scalp health
  • Properties that increase hair density
  • Volumizes from the inside out
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Maintains healthy hair cycles
  • For Men or Women