Polo Cologne By Ralph Lauren for Men

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Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren - The Classic in the Green Bottle

Elevate your fragrance collection with the timeless and iconic Ralph Lauren Polo cologne. Launched in 1978, this classic scent is encapsulated in the renowned green bottle—a symbol of male charm, charisma, and enduring style. Celebrated as one of the most influential fragrances, Polo has become a staple for men who appreciate sophistication and rugged elegance.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Type: Sharp, Woody
  • Notes: Leather, pine, tobacco, cedar, patchouli, oakmoss, juniper berries, pepper, vetiver, musk, caraway seed, amber, basil, jasmine, and floral notes such as rose.


  • Earthy and outdoorsy, reminiscent of the historic English sport of polo.
  • Attributes: Rugged, handsome, enduring, dignified, and sophisticated.

Why Choose Polo: If you're seeking a classic, sexy fragrance for daytime and winter wear, Polo by Ralph Lauren in the green bottle is the perfect choice. With a history dating back to 1978, this fragrance has stood the test of time, embodying the essence of masculinity and timeless appeal.

Originality Guaranteed: Rest assured that our Polo cologne by Ralph Lauren is an original, authentic name brand. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations. Embrace the enduring allure of Polo—a fragrance that has been cherished for decades.