Premier Pet Premium Crystal Litter (6 bags total)

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Premier Pet premium crystal litter helps keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh and clean. Each pre-portioned bag of crystals provides superior odour control for weeks by absorbing moisture and dehydrating waste on contact. They keep your litter box area cleaner as well with a 99% dust free makeup and lower tracking. Transitioning your cat from clay litter to crystal litter is simple and most cats adapt quickly.

    • 3 × 2-pack (6 bags total)
    • 2 bags is equivalent to 8.1 kg (18 lb.) of clay litter
    • 1 bag should last roughly 1 month in a 1-cat household
    • Scent: original
    • Crystals help eliminate the standard odour of a litter box
    • Quickly absorbs odours for long-lasting freshness
    • 99% dust free and low tracking to keep your litter box area cleaner
    • Easily train your cat from clay to crystals
    • Works best with the Premier Pet litter box system 

  • Dimensions: 50.1 cm × 40.6 cm × 22.8 cm (19.75 in. × 16 in. × 9 in.)