Shine Armor Waterless Wash, Wax and Shine Kit, 2-pack

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Shine Armor quick coat is the most scientifically advanced 3-in-1 ceramic waterless wash, shine and protect formula. Shine Armor is a long-lasting and extremely durable product designed for vehicles and other solid surfaces that require a superior shine and protection. This detailing product is a perfect blend of soaps, surfactant and wetting agents with a superior Si02 ceramic protective coating.

    • Fast and easy application, simply spray on and wipe
    • Advance 3-in-1 ceramic coating formula
    • Super slick and glossy finish
    • Fills in every scratch and imperfection to create a protective barrier
    • Hydrophobic: Repels water and other harmful elements
    • Safe for use on all surfaces: Paint, glass, metal, plastic and more
    • Lasts 20 times longer than traditional wax
    • Great for trims, bumpers, wheels, tires, leather and more

  • 2 × 236 ml (8 fluid oz.) Shine Armor fortify quick coat
  • 4 × Premium microfiber cloths: 35.5 cm × 35.5 cm (14 in. × 14 in.)