Turtle Wax Hyperfoam Wash & Wax, Green Apple Scent (128 oz)

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Turtle Wax Hyper Foam Wash & Wax is uniquely formulated with high-shine polymers, friction-reducing detergents, and long-lasting rich luxurious foam infused with an amazing green apple scent. pH neutral formula is safe to use over existing waxes or ceramic coatings, leaving a swirl free, spot free, showroom shine finish.



  • Safely removes dirt and grime off vehicle surface for a swirl free deep clean
  • Infused with high shine wax polymers that provide mirror-like gloss and shine
  • pH neutral formula will not strip off wax or coatings
  • Features long lasting foam that is infused with a delightful green apple scent
  • Can be applied by traditional bucket hand washing method or foam sprayer 


3.79 L Car Wash                 


Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 23.50 cm × 40.64 cm × 33.66 cm (9.25 in. × 16 in. × 13.25 in.)

Weight: 4.77 kg (10.5 lb.)